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Printed Partial Metal Framework

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Alien Milling introduces its 3D Printed Partial Metal Framework, a cutting-edge solution tailored to the modern dental workflows. This innovative service allows customers to select from three premium metal materials: Chrome Cobalt, Vitallium 2000, and Titanium, ensuring every dental appliance is crafted with the utmost quality and specificity to patient needs.

Understanding the diverse needs of workflows, Alien Milling accommodates various methods for submitting dental designs. Customers can upload CAD-ready STL files for direct 3D printing, or opt to ship physical models and impressions. Alternatively, uploading patient upper and lower jaw scans offers a seamless integration of digital dentistry into the manufacturing process. This flexibility guarantees that every dental professional can leverage Alien Milling's services, regardless of their preferred workflow or technological capabilities.

Opting for Alien Milling's design services brings additional benefits, offering the choice to proceed straight to finish with either acrylic tissue or flexible tissue with aesthetic clasping. This not only streamlines the fabrication process but also ensures that the final product meets both functional and cosmetic expectations.

Material Options:

  • Chrome Cobalt: Known for its durability and excellent wear resistance, Chrome Cobalt is a popular choice for partial frameworks, providing a balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Vitallium 2000: A premium cobalt-chromium alloy that offers superior corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, Vitallium 2000 is ideal for patients seeking the highest quality in metal frameworks.
  • Titanium: Light, strong, and hypoallergenic, Titanium is an excellent choice for patients with sensitivity to other metals, offering exceptional strength without compromising on comfort.

Clasp Design Options:

  • Ibar Clasp: Offers a minimalistic design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, ideal for anterior and posterior applications where esthetics are a concern.
  • C Clasp: A traditional clasp design known for its reliability and ease of adjustment, suitable for a wide range of partial denture applications.
  • Roach Clasp: Also known as a "back-action clasp," it provides excellent retention for partial dentures, particularly in cases where other clasp types are not feasible.

Rest Seat Options:

  • Additionally, the option to add rest seats enhances the functionality and comfort of the partial frameworks, ensuring they meet the highest standards of patient care.

Alien Milling's 3D Printed Partial Metal Framework service sets a new standard in dental restoration, combining state-of-the-art technology with flexibility and customization. By choosing Alien Milling, dental professionals can ensure their patients receive the highest quality, precision-engineered dental appliances tailored to their specific needs.

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