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New! Virtual Preps for your next Temporary Case

Virtual Preparation

Virtual Preparation  07/28/2022 Order your next Temporary Crowns with Virtual Preparation. Virtual Preps are available when you  Ship Models Ship Impression  Submit Intra-Oral Scans  Upload Jaw Scans  Selecting any of the options above, will show the Virtual Preparation option.  Select the number of teeth you would like virtual prepped, and specify the Tooth numbers in the "Specific Instruction" 

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New! Diagnostic Wax Up

Diagnostic Wax Up Show your clients their new smile potential with a Diagnostic Wax up from Alien Milling. The Alien Milling Diagnostic Wax up is produced from a 3D Printed White Model Resin. Customers have the option of staining the gingival pink. A 3D mock up of the design can also be rendered for easy sharing via mobile phones.  The Diagnostic Wax Up design can be re-used when ordering a Full Arch Hybrid in PMMA or Zirconia. Ordering a Diagnostic Wax up, will also save you from paying the design fee again. You would need to save your Diagnostic Wax Up...

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New! Implant Crown and Full Arch Harvest Dental Temp Esthetic

Harvest Dental Temp Esthetic  07/21/2022 Harvest Dental's Temp Esthetic is now available for Implant Crowns, and Full Arch Hybrid Temporary Restorations.   About Harvest Dental The vision is the projection of the brand into the future based on our clearly defined purpose - it's whom we want to be and what we want to be known for - that is, a charismatic brand of passionate innovations seeking to refresh and revitalize the dental segment by simplifying everyday lab life.

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New! Alien Desk Pad V2 White

Dental Cad Cam

High Performance Keyboard and Mouse Pad  New! Water Resistant   X-Large - 27” x 12” Micro Textured Soft Cloth For Best Glide Non-Slip Rubber Base Made from Eco-Friendly Materials On-Print Dental CAD Guide Designed for Dental Technicians Arriving September 2022

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Anaxdent "The Show" PMMA now milling at Alien Milling Technologies

Anaxdent "The Show" PMMA  July 7th, 2022 Based on customers' popular demands, Alien Milling adds "The Show" 10-Layer PMMA from Anaxdent USA to it's comprehensive milling line up. We are excited to have such an innovative product listed on our site. Make your next temporary case with "The Show" from Anaxdent.  From the Manufacturer  anaxCAM: The Show is the premier product in anaxdent's anaxCAM line Product Benefits: - Invisible transition between layers due to 10-layer gradient design - Faster, cleaner milling due to premium, highly-dense PMMA material - Faster, bur-friendly post milling finishing due to high density of the PMMA disc -...

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