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Jan 11, 23

Katana HTML now only $24 per unit

Noritake Katana HTML

Save over 35% on Noritake Katana HTML Solid Zirconia Crowns. Now only $24 per unit. 

The KATANA Zirconia HTML disc is a high-translucent disc, which can be used ideally for highly individualized restorations. It’s high esthetic translucency...

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Dec 13, 22

Alien Milling Now accepting scans from Heron Cloud

Alien Milling Now accepting scans from Heron Cloud!

Connect using the email: 

About Heron

The design collaboration cloud for dental teams
HeronCloud is an innovative platform that connects 3DISC users with dental...

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Nov 14, 22

New! Verification Jig for Full Arch Hybrid

Order a verification jig before you order a Full Arch Hybrid. A Verification jig will help you verify you MUA Scan body scans are accurate. You will receive a verification jig that can...

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Nov 02, 22

Save up to 8 hours with the New Alien Full Arch Sintering Program

Save up to 8 hours Sintering your next Full Arch case when you try the New Alien Full Arch Sintering Program. 

Click here for the new Sintering Program

Tested on Alien Zirconia


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Alien Milling Technologies uses the latest and best technology in milling dental prosthetic, including Crowns and Bridges, implants and removable appliances. Alien Milling is a full service dental milling center. Alien Zirconia is milled in the USA.