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DESS Premill Abutments
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DESS Premill Abutments

Dhs. 146.00

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  • I have a vhf n4 + with the nt-trading attachement for custom abutments but I don't have the Dess. Do you sell the Dess attachemnt by chance or will these fit the Nt_trading

    Yes we do sell the Dess Premill Holder 
    It is $990 as of 10-28-22
    Price may be subject to change in the following months. 
    Please call 844-947-2664 to place an order. 

    Thank you

  • I use Megagen Anyridge implants. To make a custom abutment will you be using Dess USA base and what type of scan body should I choose for impression?

    We wil be using the DESS Ti-Bases, or Pre-mill abutment, based on your restorative needs. 
    You can use the Megagen Scan Body.

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