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Anaxdent™ "The Show" Full Arch PMMA

Dhs. 2,420.00

AnaxCAM "The Show" Full Arch PMMA

anaxCAM: The Show is the premier product in anaxdent's anaxCAM line; a line of millable discs optimized for ideal esthetics and function. 


Product Benefits:

- Invisible transition between layers due to 10-layer gradient design

- Faster, cleaner milling due to premium, highly-dense PMMA material

- Faster, bur-friendly post milling finishing due to high density of the PMMA disc

Gingival Shades


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  • do you do PMMA with Ti substructure for full arch hybrid denture? supported by 4 implants thanks

    Never had that request before. 
    We offer the Alien 8 with a Trilor, or Pekkton substructure.