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Why do implant crowns cost more than regular crowns?

Implant crowns generally cost more than regular crowns due to several factors related to the complexity and precision required in their manufacturing process. Here’s a detailed explanation based on the reasons provided:

  1. Implant CAD Tech Review:
    • Before the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) process can begin, a specialized Implant CAD technician needs to thoroughly review the case. This review is essential to ensure that the design of the implant crown will fit perfectly with the abutment and the patient's anatomy. This additional step requires specialized expertise and adds to the overall cost.
  2. Intensive CAM Operation:
    • The CAM process for implant crowns is more intensive than that for traditional crowns. Implant crowns require precise milling to accommodate the abutment’s structure. This precision is critical to ensure that the crown fits securely and functions properly, adding to the time and resources needed for production.
  3. Different Milling Strategy and Tools:
    • Milling implant crowns involves a different strategy and the use of more specialized tools compared to traditional crowns. The milling process must create precise implant cavities, which takes longer to calculate and execute. These specialized tools and the extended milling time contribute significantly to the higher cost.
  4. Quality Control (QC) Fit Check:
    • After the sintering process, a Quality Control (QC) technician must perform a fit check. This involves verifying that the crown fits correctly with the abutment, ti-base, or any other implant part it will be seated on. This additional QC step ensures the crown's accuracy and functionality but also adds to the production time and cost.

Each of these steps involves specialized skills, tools, and time, leading to the higher overall cost of implant crowns compared to regular crowns.