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New! Alien iBar and Anaxdent's "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL)

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to redefine the standards of dental restoration. Alien Milling Technologies proudly presents the integration of the Alien iBar with Anaxdent's cutting-edge "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL) technology.

Alien iBar Collection Overview:
For those seeking excellence in dental prosthetics, the Alien iBar Collection stands as a testament to innovation and precision. Explore the collection here to witness a range of state-of-the-art solutions designed to elevate your dental craftsmanship.

The Show Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL) Technology:
Anaxdent's "The Show" is a beautiful, wear-resistant, dual-crosslink polymer disc designed for final, bar-reinforced restorations, and long-term provisionals. Discover unparalleled benefits, including:

Invisible Transition: Achieve a seamless transition between layers with the 10-layer gradient design, ensuring lifelike aesthetics in every restoration.

Bur-Friendly Finishing: Post-milling finishing becomes faster and more bur-friendly, thanks to the high density created by a proprietary, high-pressure processing method.

Synergy of Excellence:
The synergy between Alien iBar and "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL) brings forth a harmonious blend of form and function. This collaboration empowers dental practitioners to achieve unparalleled aesthetics and functionality in their restorations.

Key Benefits:
Precision: Alien iBar's meticulous design meets the precision of "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL), resulting in dental restorations of exceptional quality.

Versatility: Explore a diverse range of options within the Alien iBar Collection, perfectly complemented by the dynamic color control of "The Show."

Experience the future of dental restoration now. Alien iBar with Anaxdent's "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL) is available for purchase, opening new possibilities for dental professionals committed to excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates and advancements as we continue to push the boundaries of dental technology.

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