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Fedex Rates drop by up to 50%

New Update

This last month has been a roller coaster ride for Shipping rates at Alien Milling. We apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused to you and your clients. Our Fedex rates used to be ultra affordable, until Fedex decided to hike our rates. In order to stay competitive in the market, we had no choice but to offer an alternative, the United States Post office :)

As of June 26, 2017, our Fedex rates have dropped to reasonable levels. We know how much customers loved the next day service provided Alien Milling, and we worked to make that possible again. 

Sample Rate for Next Day Shipping from Alien Milling to Florida used to be $64.59. Now it is less that $28.

This example is for a Zone 8 (furthest zone from California). If you are in a zone closer than 8, chances are your Next Day rates will be even lower. 

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  • Randy Hill, PhD on

    My first shipment to you has been a disaster! My post office says that you guys are requesting a tracking number before the cases are even shipped out!. My first crowns were due to be delivered last Friday….. no show.
    I emailed you and was told the package was delivered Saturday. It was not.
    I’ve called the post office this morning, and it’s in a warehouse in Rocky Mount NC., so I may not even get it today.
    So, suffice it to say, I’m one pissed off SOB right now. When crap like this happens, we stand to lose valuable accounts. Once they are gone, they never come back, and I’ve been doing this for 44 years!
    If the package can be shipped for $2.oo more and get Priority Mail, it will be here in two days.

    I now have to rethink whether I want to continue to do business with you. If I ship with Fed Ex, much of my profit is gone for the case. It can be 2 day Fed-Ex, but at least we can depend on this.
    I feel like I got some damn robotic response over this when I emailed you about it. One thing for sure, is there are plenty of milling centers out there.
    I anticipate a response.
    Randy Hill, PhD

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