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Alien Milling 2nd Anniversary!

Where did the time go?

It feels like yesterday when I had the greatest honor of flipping the switch to our main servers, and establishing the world's first Dental Laboratory Services E-Commerce website. 

It's been 24 months since that day, and we have flipped many more switches. We didn't expect to grow as fast as we did, nor did we think it was going to be an instant hit. We under estimated the freedom, and transparency much desired by the dental lab community. 

Our first two products were an Alien Zirconia Crown, and an Alien Zirconia Coping. Our product line has grew since then, and now we have ventured into the ever-evolving world of implants. I am proud to say we now offer over 10,000 milling/product variations. 

I feel honored and humbled to be your prime milling center, and will continue to strive to deliver more products, and more services in the coming year. 

Stay Tuned...
Saro H.

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