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When you select the crown and bridge product you want to order, you will see a menu next to the product image. 

We are going to use Bruxzir Solid Zirconia as an example for this tutorial. 

The first box you will see is 

Reference Number
This is an optional field where you can choose to use or not. This field is used for your records, and it could be anything from your pan number, Invoice number, etc. 
This field will help you determine which case you received back from Alien Milling Center. This is especially useful when you are sending multiple cases per order. 

We currently support the classical 16 shades plus bleach shade. The drop down window will allow you to easily select the shade of your crowns. Most of our zirconia crowns are pre-shaded in the green state, thus maintaining a consistent color every time. Bleach shades are bone white with no staining. 

Shipping or STL?
Next you will have the option to Ship your models, or send us an STL File. If you are sending models, please make sure your models are trimmed and articulated, with the margins clearly marked with a red pencil. Our Dental scanners can pick up color on dental models. 

If you are submitting an STL File, please make sure the file is fully designed, and ready to mill. We can not change design parameters, such as margin thickness, or virtual die spacer thickness. Your file should be ready for the milling process. 

For more information on how to send a case, please click here 

We give you the option to stain and glaze your work, with the "No Finishing" option. We understand every dental technician puts their final finishing touches on their crowns to give it that extra "wow" factor. However, if production is your business aspect, we can accommodate our alien finishing touches for you. Our Finishing includes Cervical and Incisal Staining, and ultra shine glaze to ensure your doctors receive the same "wow" factor they are used to. 

Specific Instructions
This is where you would give us any pointers that we need to know on your specific dental case. You can say something like "Make my Bruxzir Crowns shy of occlusion" or "splint the crowns". If you are sending in a bridge, here is your chance to tell us. If you would like heavy internal staining, just drop it in this box. 

Number of Units
Pretty Self Explanatory :)

Hope this little tutorial was useful.
Alien Milling Technologies 

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